Kitchen and bathroom remodeling


Kitchen and bathroom remodeling options

The perfect kitchen or bathroom remodeling experience can leave you with decades of outstanding performance with just a bit of preplanning. When you think about the upcoming service, consider your specific requirements and the products that will best fit those needs. Share your preferences, conditions, and dreams for your upgraded rooms, and we'll work to bring them to life in ways that fit your plans.

In the kitchen

The kitchen is more than just a space where food is stored, prepared, and served. It’s also a room where hobbies and homework are performed, and family and friends gather to enjoy a meal or conversation. Kitchen remodeling gives you the ambiance and mood to ensure all these activities are enjoyable. The products we provide in this area cater to your style and need for durable, long-lasting materials that fit your everyday lifestyle. For instance, your flooring should be stunning enough to match your décor scheme yet durable enough for your busy home with pets, children, or both. You can find the perfect products when you share your kitchen remodeling requirements and preferences.



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In the bathroom

Knowing that a bathroom backsplash is just as important as a kitchen backsplash for many of the same reasons is essential. It protects your walls from moisture, soaps, and other chemicals and offers a stunning décor match that's sure to meet any style requirements. Bathroom remodeling is a big deal, whether you're upgrading a single area or the entire room, complete with a shower remodel. We'll work alongside you from product selection through installation cleanup.

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At Flooring Team LLC, we care about our customers more than anything else and ensure the highest quality materials and installations. We want to improve your home with bathroom and kitchen remodeling as much as you do, and our quick, easy service options mean you don't have to wait. Our industry expertise is a great benefit to you and your household as we work to ensure results that you're sure to love.

You're invited to visit our showroom in Phoenix, AZ, whenever you're in town to browse our extensive materials inventory. Our service areas include Tempe, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, Gilbert, AZ, and Mesa, AZ, and we look forward to providing the perfect materials for you too. Stop by today, so we can discuss your vision and get started on your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project of any size.